Software testing models are strategies and testing frameworks used to certify that the application under test meets client expectations. Software testing is a mandatory part of the software development cycle, making quality analysis impossible to ignore.

Various models are used in the software development process, where each model has its advantages and disadvantages. This article will be looking at each software testing model and its advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, which software testing model is the best? We’ll cover that too. So let’s get started.

5 Types of Software Testing Models

Software development space is quickly evolving, bringing in more agility and accessibility. For a long time, software testing posed a significant challenge for engineers. It used to be a tedious affair and used to begin after the completion of development. The testers had to build test cases manually. As a result, it could delay the launch of the application.

Apart from actual production and post-production issues, the usability and tracking of the application stage became difficult. It led to chaos at all stages.

DevOps came as a breather to the developers who were stuck in age-old practices. DevOps allows both…

In an attempt to reduce the overall cost of mobile app development, you may choose not to outsource your mobile app testing to reliable QA experts. You need to realise that you are highly likely to drive up the cost of your overall mobile app development by not opting for mobile app QA outsourcing.


By outsourcing mobile app testing, you can save a substantial amount on hiring full-time software testers. You also avoid paying for expensive training to in-house testers. An experienced outsourced software testing team will help you identify problems early on.

Outsourcing your software testing function also…

According to a report by Statista, retail e-commerce revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. E-commerce was already a huge online activity but has become even more pronounced post the pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020.

With the growing number of online buyers, your e-commerce website needs to be robust to meet the demands of your customers. Having a good e-commerce website is not enough today; you need to update the website to meet your business’s new requirements and goals. …

Software is one of the most labour-intensive, complex, and fallible technologies in the history of humankind. Did you know that poor quality software resulted in a scaring loss of $2.84 trillion collectively across the US in 2018? That’s not it. Enterprises worldwide have been struck by software glitches, including big giants such as British Airways, Facebook, O2 network, to name a few. They have unveiled the daunting after-effects of software failure.

Hence, the importance of software testing cannot be overemphasized. …

In this cutthroat competitive environment, the success of a product depends not just on innovative features but also on its ability to be reliable, efficient, and glitch-proof. As a result, QA in product development has become an integral part of the product development life cycle. It confirms that the product is tested well against any defects or errors.

Additionally, it ensures that the development process follows a standardized and efficient approach. This article attempts to highlight the benefits of software product testing and the impact that it can have on the end product.

Software Product Development Challenges

  • Unclear Product Vision: During product development, the…

We have heard of software developers, but who are citizen developers? And what skills do the citizen developers possess? Moreover, should you be hiring citizen developers?

Find out all the answers and more about citizen developers in this article.

A citizen developer is a person without formal training in software development who develops software using low-code or no-code platforms. These developers usually work under the IT department’s supervision to ensure that the end product meets the expectations.

There are plenty of no-code platforms that help with citizen development. Citizen development is a boon for those who understand their businesses well…

Continuous integration (CI) merges all the software code changes and updates into a shared central repository/mainline. CI increases the team's efficiency and encourages collaboration by eliminating duplication and difficulties in incorporating code changes.

CI, a cornerstone technique of DevOps, eliminates the problems associated with long and tense manual software system integration. DevOps has been helping various organisations achieve success. Now, CI enables the automation of the software build process, thereby providing anytime current builds for testing, demonstration or release purposes. Through its approach, CI allows teams to spend less time debugging and more time developing new features. …


Is it possible to be an entrepreneur and NOT know how to code?

You have a great idea for a product/platform/app/startup that you cannot wait to launch and sell. But before you do that, you’d have to test your idea through the minimum viable version of your product.

And to build your MVP (minimum viable product), you’d need to code, right? Wrong!

You don’t need coding chops to build your MVP. And neither do you need to beg engineers to become technical co-founders.

With a no-code MVP, you can validate your idea sooner and test if it has the potential…

AI and Machine Learning In Finance
AI and Machine Learning In Finance

There’s no doubt that the finance industry is undergoing a transformational change. To provide superior service to their customers and outdo the competition, financial institutions are using the latest technologies to understand customer needs, identify opportunities, stay competitive, solve business problems and streamline back-office operations,

The recent years have seen a rapid acceleration in the pace of disruptive technologies such as AI and Machine Learning in Finance due to improved software and hardware. The finance sector, specifically, has seen a steep rise in the use cases of machine learning applications to advance better outcomes for both consumers and businesses.

Machine Learning In Finance


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