The insurance industry deals with many repetitive back-office tasks, heavily relying on manual and outdated methods. This results in reduced customer satisfaction and deep-time sinks, making it challenging to achieve business goals. Over time it has contributed to increased costs and hindered growth in the insurance space.

However, there is good news — automation in insurance. The authorization of RPA in the insurance industry is believed to be the solution to these provocations. RPA is the technology that can position the insurance industry to become more structured and customer-centric.

PHP is very crucial for the digitization of your business. It is versatile and user-friendly, and hence it is a popular choice amongst novices and industry experts. PHP is one of the most agile and valuable web development languages. Thus, software organizations need to hire dedicated PHP developers to ensure the advancement of active web applications.

In this article, you will understand the critical points before you hire PHP developers.

Why Hire PHP Developers in India?

Let us understand why it is essential to hire PHP developers in India.

Machine learning has garnered significant attention in the past few years, given its ability to solve complex problems. Implementation of machine learning to solve real-life situations can be observed across scores of industries today.

For instance, email providers leverage machine learning for spam detection while Facebook uses it for image tagging.

This blog post has identified three prominent areas where machine learning makes waves, allowing businesses to utilize their data accurately.

But first, let us understand machine learning in a bit more detail:

What is Machine Learning?

It is a subset of artificial intelligence used to find solutions to complicated problems independently. …

With constantly increasing interaction with the digital space, customers expect improved and enhanced experiences every time they interact with a digital platform. Consumers look for personalized experiences in mobile applications, news sites, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites. They expect the digital space they engage with to remember their interests, likes, dislikes and, based on the legacy data, make relevant recommendations for content and products to look out for.

Recommendations are the new must-have for all online platforms that wish to retain and grow their customer base. With this personalization in effect, brands can assist customers in finding appropriate content/products…

E-commerce and retail companies are utilizing the power of data to boost sales with the help of recommender systems implemented on their websites. The use cases of these systems have been increasing consistently. There could be no better time than now to dive deeper into this excellent machine learning technique.

With the increase in online shopping, the need for giving confidence in buying products has increased. It is why recommender systems are built.

This blog post will look at the types of popular recommender systems, how they work, and their use cases.

Hey there! This blog is almost about 2500+…

Did you know that the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the image recognition market in the United States of America (USA) is 19.5% between 2016 and 2021?

Image recognition is essentially the computer’s way of looking at the world (computer vision).

The image recognition technology is far from being matured, and its implications are already profound in the real world for both consumers and businesses. One of the ramifications of having a potent computer with incredible cameras and highly accurate sensors, smartphones, in our pockets is fueling the image recognition technology more than ever before!

Image recognition finds itself…

With ever-changing market demands, web development companies are constantly focusing on using cutting-edge technologies to develop custom applications. And two of the essential requirements to achieve this objective include-

1. Robust understanding of the nature of your business to deploy the application most suitable for your specific business

2. Picking up the ideal technology platform for the app development process

ASP.NET Framework For Building Custom Applications

Designed by Microsoft and its community, ASP.NET is an open-source framework that effortlessly combines MVC structure and Web API into a powerful tool. It enables developers to create reliable and responsive websites.

As a tool to build and deploy interactive chatbots, AI-based bot platforms are a rage today. Organizations utilize these tools to create intelligent and conversational bots to interact with their website visitors, offer them the required information, and improve customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we explore chatbots and their types along with the best chatbot builder in 2021 to help you build an interactive chatbot.

Building a Chatbot — Use Cases, Requirements, and Types of Chatbot

Building a chatbot is a complex process that requires everything from a detailed strategy, tools, conversational process flow, reporting, and much more. Among the key things that you need here include-

  • Problems you are trying…

Software testing models are strategies and testing frameworks used to certify that the application under test meets client expectations. Software testing is a mandatory part of the software development cycle, making quality analysis impossible to ignore.

Various models are used in the software development process, where each model has its advantages and disadvantages. This article will be looking at each software testing model and its advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, which software testing model is the best? We’ll cover that too. So let’s get started.

5 Types of Software Testing Models

Software development space is quickly evolving, bringing in more agility and accessibility. For a long time, software testing posed a significant challenge for engineers. It used to be a tedious affair and used to begin after the completion of development. The testers had to build test cases manually. As a result, it could delay the launch of the application.

Apart from actual production and post-production issues, the usability and tracking of the application stage became difficult. It led to chaos at all stages.

DevOps came as a breather to the developers who were stuck in age-old practices. DevOps allows both…

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