How WhatsApp Chatbots are Changing the Insurance Game: 11 Use Cases to Inspire You

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5 min readApr 18, 2023
WhatsApp Chatbots

In the face of growing competition in the insurance sector, insurers need help attracting and retaining customers due to extended waiting times. Every day, the insurance industry handles millions of queries about policy terms and conditions, account updates, claims to process, and more.

Delivering excellent customer experience and communicating real value to each customer becomes difficult as the customer support team can only cater to a few queries. As a result, customers have to wait for extended periods, leading to prospects and customers dropping off or switching to competitors.

Insurers are increasingly implementing WhatsApp chatbots to streamline the customer experience and automate many service offerings. As your customers and agents widely use WhatsApp, WhatsApp chatbots for insurance can improve the overall customer experience. Let us see how.

Top 11 Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance

Customers can interact with chatbots anytime, find policy details, and make claims and renewals whenever needed. Their 24-hour availability and easy reach through the most preferred app have made chatbots the best tool for automation in the insurance sector.
The fact that the insurance sector works 24/7 further makes chatbots an excellent tool for prospects and existing policyholders in their time of need. With WhatsApp chatbot for insurance, insurance agents and policyholders can save time while having a better experience working together. Let us see how:

Whatsapp Chatbot

1. Lead Generation and Qualification

WhatsApp chatbot for insurance is an easy and quick way to generate sales leads by collecting important information such as customer’s name, phone number, email, etc.

It helps to keep your prospects interested and educates them about insurance needs & benefits, thereby increasing the chances of converting them into high-quality leads.

Further, WhatsApp chatbots for insurance allow you to automate the lead qualification process based on information such as monthly salary and preferred premium amount contribution, so company reps have accurate and actionable items to close the leads.

2. Finding Policy-related Information

Browsing an entire website to find specific information is highly time-consuming for customers. By integrating WhatsApp chatbot API, insurance companies can ensure that policyholders can easily access the information they seek. Further, with the bot taking care of frequently-asked questions, human agents can focus on more complex queries.

3. Selection of the Right Insurance Policy

WhatsApp chatbots assist clients in choosing the right insurance policy by collecting large amounts of data and offering all the support required for the clients to understand each product. Chatbots help consumers select from top policies based on risk profiles and coverage needs.

Further, chatbots not only explain the details of the policies to clients but also display quotes and help them choose the best. Customers can also pay premiums from within the WhatsApp chatbot itself.

4. Conversational Advisory Support

To a consumer unfamiliar with insurance, navigating through different policies and confusing jargon is overwhelming.

Insurance companies can use WhatsApp chatbots for insurance to reduce ambiguity and interact with consumers in simple language. Moreover, your consumers can also get their FAQs answered in the language they are comfortable using a multi-lingual WhatsApp chatbot for insurance.

5. Policy Document Submission

WhatsApp chatbot for insurance makes collecting all required documents (income documents, address proof, ID proof, etc.) for policy buying or renewal easy. All that the customers need to do is send a scanned copy of the required documents to the insurance company using WhatsApp. This simplifies the process of document submission. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption also ensures that sensitive information stays secure and safe.

6. Claim Processes

Insurance claim settlement is generally a long and cumbersome process. Customers often complain about the delay in processing and unsatisfactory services. WhatsApp chatbot for insurance ensures that every claim filed is taken care of quickly through easy document submission and instant confirmation of claim status.

7. Database Entry

Insurance companies deal with a massive amount of data daily. Logging the policy or filing a claim requires gathering data and entering it into a database through a highly time-consuming and manually cumbersome process. Furthermore, such repetitive tasks increase the chances of record errors and inconsistencies.

With WhatsApp chatbots for insurance, the details entered by leads and customers can be directly fed to the backend system or CRM, thereby limiting errors and saving time.

8. Alerts and Updates

Consumers often need to remember the due dates of payment of premiums. Further, these alerts regarding premium payments, policy maturity details, the dividend declared, and updates about policy claims filed, etc., sent by insurance companies via SMS or emails often need to be noticed. WhatsApp chatbot for insurance automates the process and makes it easier to reach out to customers.

9. Follow-ups & Sales

A high volume of insurance leads is often lost due to ineffective follow-up and lack of customer response via usual channels such as SMS/email. On the other hand, WhatsApp chatbots are a highly effective way to engage customers by reaching out to them on the platform they already use.

10. Policy Cancellation

If your customer wishes to opt-out or cancel your policy, they can do so via WhatsApp Chatbots for insurance. Eliminating the hassle of contacting the agent via call or email, they can convey their need to the WhatsApp chatbot. Using bot-to-human handover, a human agent can seamlessly jump in, take control of the conversation, and do the needful.

11. Customized Services

Like any other financial product or service, insurance products also need to be pitched in a personalized way per the customers’ specific needs.
WhatsApp chatbots for insurance interact with customers and inform them about insurance policies that suit their needs and preferences. The preferences and information collected by the bot can also be used to design specific insurance offerings.

Further, insurance chatbots can facilitate communication much faster to enhance the success rate. This also allows insurance service providers to build customer trust, as they prefer service providers with customized options and seamless communication.

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